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 We work closely with our clients to customize the services provided to fit their specific hot tub needs and circumstances. 

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Hot Tub Repair Portland Beaverton

Hot Tub Repair & Technical Service

We offer trained technical repair on a large variety of spas including Caldera Spas. Call for more information pricing varying by services. 

Free Hot Tub Chemical Delivery Portland Beaverton

Free Delivery for Hot Tub Supplies

Free delivery to your porch on all local orders! Please allow 1-3 business days  for delivery.


Hot Tub Cleaning and Maintenance

Draining the hot tub water, cleaning the hot tub surface, cover, and rinsing filters, refilling and balancing the water (access to water and electrical must be available for the technician).


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 Homecove Merchants is your local Beaverton hot tub repair services. We provide a full selection of services & products for hot tub owners in the Portland Metro & surrounding areas. please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Homecove Merchants

(503) 626-1527 or (503) 626-6533


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